Forensic Evaluation

RJR works with insurance companies, adjusters, attorneys, and others on investigations to determine origin and cause, extent of damage, repairability, code compliance, suitability of materials used, and more.  Our licensed Professional Engineers are able to provide their expert opinion to our client in an expeditious, easy-to-read report with supporting photos, illustrations, and data.  The wide range of analytical software and technology available to our staff, in addition to the breadth of their engineering experience, supports in-depth investigative services which have proven very useful to our clients.  Assignments have included a wide range of structural, mechanical, fire protection and electrical assignments.  Specific investigations completed by our team include:

  • Origin and cause of cracked concrete
  • Fire origin and cause
  • Water infiltration origin and cause and extent of damage
  • Industrial / workplace incidents and accidents
  • Foundation failures
  • Slip, trip and fall investigations
  • Ice / snow / hail / wind / lightening damage claims
  • Structural integrity / feasibility of repair investigations
  • Roof / structural collapses
  • Expert witness and litigation support

Click here to view or download our forensic capabilities statement:   RJR Engineering – Forensic Capabilites