Civil Testing

CivilTesting1RJR Engineering, P.C. provides testing and inspection services for a wide variety of civil engineering disciplines such as concrete, soils, asphalt, structural steel and subsurface exploration. Our highly trained inspectors are certified by a wide range of standards set forth by the benchmark professional organizations of civil material testing. To meet the high standards required for client projects, RJR’s laboratory is accredited / inspected by the CCRL, AMRL, and US Army Corps of Engineers. The field and lab capabilities of RJR make it easy to customize services for a wide range of specific project requirements.

Laboratory Testing

Compressive Strength
Concrete Mix Design Verifications
Grain Size Analysis
Moisture Content
Atterberg Limits
Hydrometer Analysis
Permeability Testing
USCS Soils Classification
Masonry Block Testing
Asphalt Testing

Field Testing

Fresh Concrete Field Inspections
Floor Flatness
In-Place Density Testing
Caisson / Pile Asphalt
Certified Welding Inspection (CWI)
Anchor Bolt & Rebar Proof Load Testing
Ground Penetrating Radar
ICC Special Inspections
Structural Steel Inspections
Asphalt / Concrete Coring

Accreditations / Inspections / Certifications

CCRL (Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory)
AMRL (AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory)
ICC (International Code Council)
ACI (American Concrete Institute)
NICET (National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies)
AWS (American Welding Society)
USACE (US Army Corps of Engineers)
CMEC (Construction Materials Engineering Council)

Click here to download our civil materials testing capabilities statement:  RJR Engineering – Civil Materials Testing